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Reasons why you can’t sign in to your Google account:

  1. Your password is wrong or you’ve fogotten your paasword.
  2. You forgot your ID or username.
  3. IF you’re under 13.
  4. You can’t login into a new device because of 2-step verification. You have to turn it off.
  5. You deactivated your account and you’re trying to reactivate it after 2 days. Your ID permanently gets deleted after 2 business days.

Gmail account is Disabled:

If your gmail account is disabled you have to contact directly to Gmail helpline. They’ll ask you related questions which you have to answer honestly. Once all the formalities are done your account could be reactivated.



At the point when Gmail appeared in 2004 with its overwhelmingly liberal 1GB of free space for everybody, we never thought we’d need to erase an email again—yet despite the fact that that free space is currently 15 times what it used to be, email is more troublesome than any time in recent memory.

It’s not by any stretch of the imagination the accessible space that is the issue in Gmail; it’s the sheer number of new, superfluous, and spontaneous messages stopping up the chronicles. Checking the inbox ends up discouraging, running a helpful inquiry turns out to be about unthinkable, and frameworks of names that once seemed well and good have since a long time ago been surrendered.

It’s a great opportunity to cut your misfortunes, so here’s the manner by which you can begin again from the earliest starting point, and improve the situation next time.

Erasing messages

The initial step is to erase everything in your Gmail account. Presently, we can’t be considered mindful in the event that you delete a message you later acknowledge you really expected to hold tight to, so continue at your own particular hazard—on the off chance that you need to influence a reinforcement of your messages in the first place, to utilize Google’s exhaustive fare apparatus to get your messages out—however that is extremely simply postponing the inescapable and important cleanse.

You can likewise forward the most valuable messages out to another record (your featured messages and messages to and from the most vital individuals throughout your life may be great spots to check) or utilize Gmail’s POP/IMAP highlights to get your messages downloaded to a work area customer for safety’s sake—Google has full directions in the matter of how to empower and utilize them here and here.



With respect to erasing every one of your messages, well that is entirely basic: Go to the All Mail page, put a tick in the choice box to the upper left, and when you see the Select all… message at the best, click it. At that point tap the trashcan symbol at the highest point of the message list and in almost no time the majority of your Gmail history will be no more.

Indeed, gone to the Trash envelope at any rate. On the off chance that you would prefer not to stick around for messages to auto-terminate, you can go to the Trash and snap Empty Trash once in a while OK. You should need to visit the Spam envelope also, just to ensure completely everything’s gone. With any luckiness, you may encounter a moment or two of peace before your inbox begins topping off once more.

Eradicating contacts

Gmail’s excitement to make it straightforward for you to email your contacts is useful now and then, however it makes an unattractive wreckage in your contacts list in case you’re not watchful. Individuals you just at any point messaged once ten years back can all of a sudden appear as contacts on your Android telephone for reasons unknown (we’ve witnessed it). For the most extensive email detox, you need to dispose of your contacts also.

This is trickier to do, on the grounds that as we’ve specified, your contacts match up over various Google administrations, similar to Android. Preferably we need to trim down any futile email addresses while keeping the critical ones and without erasing anybody’s telephone number en route, and Google doesn’t generally make this especially simple to do.

A decent place to begin from the Contacts page is the Other Contacts classification under the More heading—individuals that may fly up as recommendations when you’re composing out email addresses, yet who you haven’t particularly included as contacts. Likewise with messages, you can utilize the checkboxes on the left to choose individuals, at that point click More (the three specks) and Delete contacts. You can likewise do some cleaning by checking the Duplicates tab and checking whether any contacts can be combined.

In the event that you have an Android telephone, you have another way to deal with attempt—open the Google Contacts application, tap Suggestions from the primary menu, and you ought to get an alternative to evacuate garbage contacts Google has spotted. After that it’s likely justified regardless of a manual cleanse through your principle contacts list—be savage—and on the off chance that you need to prevent contacts from being consequently included the future, go to the General tab of your Gmail settings and pick I’ll include gets in touch with myself under the Create contacts for auto-finish heading.


Beginning once more

With a crisp new inbox and cleansed contact rundown to appreciate, it’s a great opportunity to consider ensuring your Gmail account never gets stopped up again. Being cautious about who has your email address is a decent begin, however as a matter of fact it may be past the point of no return for that—beginning again with another Google account is an alternative, and you can simply get messages from your old record sent on the off chance that you need (look under Forwarding and POP/IMAP in the Gmail settings screen).

As we’ve specified previously, specks don’t have any kind of effect in Gmail addresses, so messages sent to and go to the same inbox. Embed a dab into your address at whatever point you agree to accept less critical applications and administrations, and you can channel messages from every one of these spots (e.g. messages sent to as opposed to— advise Gmail to stamp them as read and document or erase them promptly for a less bustling inbox.

Another thought is to frequently junk every one of your messages once they’re in excess of a couple of months old. Sort “older_than:1y” in the Gmail look box to discover messages sent over multi year back, for instance, or “older_than:6m” to change the time span to a half year. These messages would then be able to be chosen and erased, yet in the event that you’re stressed over disposing of something essential, include “is:unimportant” to your pursuit.

Gmail really completes a not too bad employment of keeping your inbox sorted out on the off chance that you turn on the inbox tabs (tap the machine gear-piece symbol on the right, at that point Configure inbox, to pick which ones get appeared). When it doesn’t sort messages effectively, intuitive them into the correct tabs and Gmail will recollect your decision for next time. You would then be able to utilize scans for these gatherings of messages (e.g. “label:social” or “label:updates”) to choose and erase them in bunches.