How to Sign in to Gmail

How to sign in to Gmail: Case 1- If gmail directly asks for ID and password. Step 1: Go to . Step 2: Enter your google ID and password and click Login. Case 2- If a page telling about Gmail comes instead of Sign in page. Step 1: Click on Sign in on the […]

how to send an email

How to send an Email

How to send an Email: Step 1: Login to . Step 2: Tap on Compose. Step 3: In the “To” box, add the email ID of recipient. Step 4: Below that enter the subject of your Email. Step 5: Enter the Email in the main description box. ]Step 6: Click on Send. Notes: “Cc” […]

Remove Google

How to Remove Gmail account

How to Remove Gmail account: Step 1: Go to . Step 2: Click on the Google Account icon on the top right corner. Step 3: There will be all the acounts logged in. Click on the account you want to remove. Step 4: Click on Remove Account and it will be removed.  

How to setup a gmail acooont

How To Setup Gmail Account

How to Setup a Gmail Account: Step 1:  Go to . Step 2: Click on sign in. Step 3: Click on Create New Account. Step 4: Enter the information google needs to create your account. Step 5: Agree the terms and conditions laid by Google and proceed to your account. Step 6: Upload a profile […]


How To Create Gmail Account

How to create your Google Account: Gmail is a free email service developed by Google. These days most of the official work needs and email for different objectives. To create one, follow the given steps: Step 1: Open . Step 2: Click on Create a new account. Step 3: Enter the information google asks. […]


Gmail Password Reset

As Gmail contains all your important documents and mails it is important to keep it as secure as possible. One of the many ways is tosecure it by changing passwords regularly. There are some steps below which will help you change your password. How to change/reset your password: Step 1: Go to . Step 2: […]


Gmail Password Recovery

Google has become the top most email service provider. As some people forget their passwords, google has made it easy to recover that. Google provides a lot of options to recover your password. Here are the steps by which you’ll be able to have access on your account again. Gmail Password Recovery: Step 1: Go […]

How to reset forget gmail password

Gmail Password Forgot

How to reset Forgot Gmail Password: Step 1: Go to the Gmail Login page. Step 2: Enter your ID and click on Forgot Password.   Step 3: You’ll get many ways to login. First one will be the What was your last password, if you remember your last password, enter that and go can go ahead with it. This way you’ll be […]